Knitting and Netflix


I don’t think there is a more relaxing combination than knitting and Netflix. Well, rum and sun tanning on the beach probably beats it but let’s be real here. This is Canada, in the middle of winter.

One of numerous projects that I have on the go is this children’s sweater. The pattern is called “Amarra”. It’s got an adult equivalent “Grande Amarra” which is adorable. The father son theme is rampant throughout the book. This book is #11 of the Marisol collection. I bought it for 75% off at a local yarn store, Pudding Yarn… I have a confession, I was naughty and bought way too many pattern books during this sale. They were 75% off! Think of all the deals I would not have had if I had stopped piling the books into my cart!

I want to pop out two of these zip ups for my little brothers. I’m working on these during binges on Netflix. Booyah! Multi tasking! I just finished Broadchurch, a murder mystery series about a sleepy little town in which a child has died suspiciously. It was fantastic! I loved how the characters were developed and the town was full of dark revelations. Also, David Tenant was in it with his Scottish accent. Definitely a must watch if you are the smoldering murder mystery type.

I’ve got two more episodes of Wentworth left. It’s extremely dark, but incredibly gripping. I’ve caught myself gaping at the TV, mouth open and hands frozen mid-stitch more than once… Maybe my sweaters will be done by next Christmas but these will definitely eat up some of those yards in my stash. Here’s a picture.



I have a soft, colorful problem.


I have a problem, a colorful problem. I love to hoard yarn. It’s so soft and full of potential to become anything I dream up. Every time I enter a yarn store, it takes astronomical amounts of self control to not buy everything I see. My current city has three yarn shops.  THREE! I have been to all of them, and have come out with more balls of lovely burden.

There is about 20,000 yards in my stash. I started knitting a year ago and crocheting a month ago. How did this happen?!

Now, the problem is that I live out of my back pack and travel a lot. When school ends in 4 months I will be moving to god knows where for the summer break, and then again before school starts. It’s a huge pain in the butt to carry around balls of yarn and I have no car.

So, the goal is to minimize my yardage in 4 months. But the challenge will be to turn these balls into pieces that either I can use or give away as lovely gifts.

First project is a nice pair of convertible mitts for me. It’s Crystal Palace Mochi rainbow wool teamed up with my favorite Sandes Garn Alpakka yarn. The Mochi was bought in Texas at a sale this summer and Alpakka was in Edmonton. These were originally already involved in some socks, but they were frogged. Here’s a picture of the progress thus far.


Project so far!

Let’s do dis.

Another New Years Resolution Post! Lucky you!


I always cringe when my facebook feed spams me with all my friend’s new years resolutions… Some of them can be super cheesy. You just know some of them are going to be ditched. I’m certainly guilty of throwing a resolution out the window if it’s boring… or interferes with eating anything delicious. It’s easy to give up because I only have to deal with incessant nagging from my brain, which eventually becomes white noise. However, I admire the idea behind the New Years Resolution. You cannot discount the importance of goal setting. Planning is important, but what’s even better is that sweet, sweet rush of happiness when you achieve your hard earned goal. So to try something new in an attempt to stick to my goals this year, I made a board and taped it to my door. It has timelines, dates, glitter, stickers and hope all over it. I will see it everyday when I leave my room to remind me what I need to change.

Stress is big issue in my life, it generally dictates what I buy and eat. Stress comes from school, friends, family and especially work. I can’t really axe any of those so I will need to manage them. I have been physically affected by these. I stress eat. My hair started falling out in clumps and my overactive stomach burned my vocal chords. It doesn’t help that I have a speech impediment. I sound like a stuttering smoker and feel terrible. Stress has made me broke, fat and unhealthy.

To combat stress, I usually knit. The amount of clothing I pound out is directly proportional to my stress levels. Currently, my worrying and fretting has materialized into a lovely little sweater. It’s so beautiful and terrible. Obviously, this strategy isn’t working. So I will be adding exercise and meditation to the mix.

Doing this also ties into my weight loss goal. They say the most successful weight loss plan is a change in lifestyle including what you eat. Honestly, as a student, I eat a lot of easy, time saving junk. TV dinners, chocolate, noodles, chocolate, canned soups and anything that fits in a microwave. Sometimes I even eat out, which is a major no no for a poor student.

Speaking of being poor… Smooth segway into budgeting… My next goal is to stick to a budget. I work part time, it’s enough to pay the bills and buy food. Making my own food will be cheaper than eating out as well as healthier. You can stretch out 10 dollars over a week or squander it on a spender bender at Tim Hortons for lunch. Any excess funds can be put in a savings account instead of my belly.

Ah! A little story about squandering… I also just got my student loan. People who are super poor that suddenly get a huge amount of money tend to panic spend. That was me last semester. Spendy McSpenderson. After school was paid, I obliterated my extra financial aid. I haven’t had that much cash in my account in a long time and I blew it all on stuff. Forgettable, useless stuff. I still wonder where the hell all that money went. I might as well have just thrown it in a burning barrel and danced around it laughing maniacally. Now all, I have is regret, debt and that annoying little voice saying “should have saved it!”. My goal this time is to squirrel that money away, stick it in a savings account and pretend I never got it. Moral of the story is to stick to a budget, and save all suprise funds. My job pays my rent and buys my food, spending my excess loan money would buy me more regret. Save that money, honey!

The best goals are integrated into your life and change you as you work towards them. All these goals tie nicely together into a slightly different lifestyle. Hopefully my hair will stop falling out, I’ll be slimmer and slightly richer. Let’s do this!



Doing impulsive things is so much better when said things are free, yah?
Although I suppose nothing is ever free. You always pay with your precious time. So what now? Statement of purpose?
Kill boredom. Have an excuse to post pretty pictures of stuff. Organize it. Journal it. Have a place to throw words up onto the internet.
That it? That’s it… This is a test post. Here’s a picture.